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History of The Guggle

History abounds in The Guggle. It was originally built around 1600, it became the Horse and Groom Public House in 1800 and retains many period features, with vaulted cellar, original wooden beams and The Guggle Room with its original 19th Century wall painting.

West End

West End Around 1907

This a view of West End Northleach around 1907. The Guggle is the first house on the left.

The Guggle Room

The "Guggle Room" is so-called from the fact that the ceiling of the room is of spiral shape, thus resembling a snail's shell or "guggle" as it is called locally. Some people hold the idea that the building was erected over a holy well. In 1800 the Guggle became a drinking shop, known as "The Horse and Groom". In a panel in the wall is a painting of a horse held by a groom, who is clad in a brilliant waistcoat and knee-breeches. The horse is said to be Coronation, a famous racehorse breed near Northleach. Beneath is the inscription "Meet Friendly Drink Heartily Pay Honestly Part Quietly".

Below this is another painting in which three men dressed in the fashion of the early years of the Nineteenth Century, and with high collars and stocks, are playing cards at a round table. The game is Unlimited Loo, and each player has a full tankard of beer by his side, and is smoking a Church warden pipe. They are said to represent Mr Wells, of Hampnett; Dr. Wrist, of Northleach; and Isaac Day, the horse trainer, all of then local notabilities at that time.

The Guggle Room

A 3D view of the Historic Guggle Room.